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Cartoon Central: Berenstain Bears Berenstain+Bears

Papa, Mama, Brother and Sister jump from their beloved children's books right into their all-new animated TV show! They are presented with many situations, such as the cubs' messy room, new neighbors, telling the truth, watching too much TV, and bullies and solve each dilemma in their own unique way.

Audio:128kbps stereo

Code:      Go To Camp      Mamas New Job      Count Their Blessings      Too Much Vacation      Out For The Team      Go Up And Down      Showdown At Birders Wood      By The Sea      Mighty Milton      Papas Pizza      Too Much Tv      On The Job      Car Trip      Help Around The Workshop      New Neighbours      Big road Race      Bears For All Seasons      Say Please And Thankyou      Grow It      Dont Pollute(Anymore)      Go To The Movies      That Stump Must Go      The Talent Show      Attic Treasure      Draw It.avi      Go To School      Fly It      Lend A Helping Hand      The Week At Grandmas      At The Giant Mall


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