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It has been some years since the Bionic Man, Jack Bennet, had been in action. Little did he know that was about to change. He was leading his family on a scientific expedition in the himalayas. Suddenly they were attacked by a pack of powerful creatures. The ensuing battle started an avalanche that traps Jack and his family. Deep in the ice they are exposed to a mysterious energy that causes them to fall into a deep trance. Jack is the only one who is not affected, his bionics make him immune. After some time they were rescued by Professor Amadeus Sharp. Unfortunately Jack's family did not recover from the trance.Professor Sharp decided to implant special bionics in each of the family members in the hope that it would wake them from the trance. The procedures were a success, and Jack's family were reunited. They are THE BIONIC SIX!!!

Meanwhile the evil Dr. Scarab and his minions of destruction are plotting to conquer the world. The only ones who can oppose him are the Bionic Six. Can the Bionic Six stop him in time or will Dr. Scarab carry out his evil plan?


1 Valley of Shadows

2 Enter the Bunji

3 Eric Bats a Thousand

4 Klunk in Love

5 Radio Scarab

6 Family Affair

7 Happy Birthday, Amadeus

8 Brain Food

9 Just a Little Handicap

10 Bionics On! The First Adventure

11 Back to the Past Pt.1

12 Back to the Past Pt.2

13 Fugitive F.L.U.F.F.I.

14 Nick of Time

15 Youth or Consequences

16 Extra Innings

17 Return of the Bunji

18 Crown of the Scarab King

19 1001 Bionic Nights

20 The Perceptor File

21 Masterpiece

22 House Rules

1 Holidaze

2 Nightmare at Cypress Cove

3 Music Power

4 The Hive

5 Mindlink

6 I Compute, Therefore I Am

7 Pass/Fail

8 Born to Be Bad

9 A Clean Slate Pt. 1

10 A Clean Slate Pt. 2

11 Spin Out

12 The Man in the Moon

13 The Case of the Baker Street Bionics

14 Now You See Me...

15 Crystal Clear

16 You've Come a Long Way, Baby!

17 Up and Atom

18 Home Movies

19 Scarabscam

20 Kaleidoscope

21 Once Upon a Crime

22 Mrs. Scarab

23 The Secret Life of Wellington Forsby

24 The Fungus Among Us

25 Bottom of the Ninth Planet

26 Triple Cross

27 I, Scarab Pt. 1

28 I, Scarab Pt. 2

29 Scabracadabra

30 The Glitch

31 A Matter of Gravity

32 The Elemental

33 I Am the Viper

34 Shadow Boxer

35 Call of the Bunji

36 A Super Bunch of Guys

37 The Monkey Has Landed

38 Ready, Aim, Fired

39 Love Note

40 Bone of Contention

41 Junk Heap

42 The Return of Mrs. Scarab

43 That's All, Folks!


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