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Cartoon Central: Gunparade March

Post  Admin on Thu Oct 14, 2010 12:32 am

The game "Takidou Gensou Gun Parade March" was released in September in the year 2000, and even today remains a popular hit. It has been praised for it's originality and level of freedom the player has. As many people hoped for the sequel, the story is now made into a TV Anime series.

50 years ago, a mysterious enemy "Genjuu" appeared in the skies. The danger of Mankind's extinction drew near as the Genjuu attacked humans and battles raged against it.

Stuck in a dilemma, the Japanese government decided to pick out certain young men and women to send into the battlefield. And so 15 year old Atsushi Hayami, in the battle against Genjuu, becomes a member of the "5121 Force". Piloting a humanoid fighting machine HTW, he becomes the trump card to fight in the front lines. And so, what destiny lies ahead for Atsushi and his friends!?



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