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Kaede is a normal girl busy studying for her school exams, when Shinobu, an apprentice ninja breaks into her bedroom. Kaede confronts Shinobu, who attempts to cast an invisibility spell (which fails) and she sneaks over to Kaede's underwear drawer, and begins to rifle through it. When confronted again, Shinobu starts to cry about her failed life, and how her ninja master Onsokumaru, (a very lecherous yellow ball thing) has given her a ninja task to steal a young girls panties. Kaede decides to let Shinobu take back one of her 'items', and their odd friendship is forged. So a very ordinary Kaede gets caught up in Shinobu's very strange and disorderly life in a secret ninja village.

Drama : None
Comedy : High
Action : Med
SciFi : Med
Ecchi : Med
Episodes : 12
Language : Japanese
Subtitle : English


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