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Hibiki Amawa has a problem. He's trained to be a teacher, yet doesn't have a job. Ba-chan, the landlady, demands her rent be paid or else, so Hibiki goes off to get a job at the local high school. Unfortunately, the head mistress at the school will never hire a man to teach, so with the help of Ba-chan and some convienent technology to change his voice, Mibiki is able to pass off as a female. Thus, he is able to score a job as a P.E. teacher and prove that a man, diguised as a women, can in fact teach and teach well.

After landing the job, Hibiki finds himself having to deal with the perverted residents of his apartment building, Ba-chan, the head mistress, and the joys and pains of teaching. During the course of this, Hibiki finds himself helping out Fuko Kuzuha, who isn't very adapt at doing things in P.E. As a result, he finds himself falling for his middle school student. Fuko developes feelings for what she thinks is a female teacher and is very confused by this. Can Hibiki keep his secret up? What is the secret of Ba-chan? What should Hibiki do about his feelings for Fuko?

Drama: Low
Comedy: High
Action: Low
SciFi: Med
Ecchi: Med
Total Episodes: 13
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Format: RMVB



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