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The petite and quiet Tsukamoto Tenma is in the second year of high school. With a nip of spring in the air, she has developed romantic feelings for a fellow student, Karasumaru Ooji-kun, (not that he has a clue.) Having learned that Karaumaru will be leaving for another school next year, she has promised herself that she would confess to him, no matter what, and she enlists the assistance of her little sister and friends to help her in her various plots to be alone with her Ooji-kun. But what of the scary motorcycle riding delinquent classmate, Harima-kun? Is it possible that he has fallen hard for Tenma-chan? To what lengths might a lovesick student go too to be with the person they hold most dear?

Drama : Low/Med
Comedy : High
Action : Med
SciFi : None
Ecchi : Med
Total Episodes : 26
Language : Japanese
Subtitle : English
Format : RMVB



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