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Cartoon Central: Okusama wa Joshikousei

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Onohara Asami is a cute, 17 years old 2nd year high-school student. What nobody knows is that she`s actually already married, to her physics teacher Ichimaru Kyosuke-sensei, whom she addresses as Danna-sama (husband/master). However, in order to be allowed to marry her Danna-sama, her father had to agree to the marriage. He did, but only after drawing up a contract which states that Ichimaru-sensei will NOT have sexual relations with his daughter until she graduates from high school. Both Asumi and Ichimaru-sensei have to keep the marriage a secret lest he be fired from his job. Can Ichimaru-sensei keep to the terms of the contract? Can the two keep the marriage a secret from the many folks who constantly seem to butt in?

Drama : Low
Comedy : Med
Action : None
SciFi : None
Ecchi : Med/High
Total Episodes : 13 (about 30 minutes each)
Language : Japanese
Subtitle : English
Format : RMVB



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