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Kouhei is a dull hard headed photographer who has been hired by his friend, Hiromi's Occult Monthly Tabloid for a special project. Together with sensei Seijyu (Kouhei's pyschic cousin), Japan's leading authority in the supernatural, they travel off to Eastern Europe to research the haunted Castle Schwartz. While there, the extremely dense and supernaturally resistant Kouhei succeeds in unsealing and freeing a teenage vampire named Hazuki. Hazuki bites Kouhei to make him her slave. However, Kouhei isn't affected as he is so thick headed to notice the things going on around him. Hazuki decides to follow Kouhei back to Japan and demand's his assistance in finding her japenese mother. Now the 2 of them are in trouble as the most powerful European vampires have come to Japan to bring her back.

Drama : Med
Comedy : Med/High
Action : Med/High
SciFi : Low
Ecchi : Low/Med
Episodes: 24
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Format: RMVB



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