All New Members Please Read

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All New Members Please Read

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 05, 2010 1:53 pm

All new users need to take the time to read these Exclamation very Exclamation important posts:

* It is VERY important that you read Cartoon Central Forum Rules so you know what is an isn't allowed in the forums.
* You MUST follow The Download Request Rules if you want to request something that is not available in the Download Area of the forums.

You may also want to check this out:

* This BBcode Guide may make your posts look as good as possible.
* This Video Playback Guide will help you with viewing all the different video formats available in the forums.

Finally, Some fun stuff to get you started:

* Anime Download Index, and of course the search feature, will get you started with the main reason most of you are here.
* Exclamation The fantastic Review Section that is a must for those new to anime who are looking for some information about various shows.
* Check out the Manga and Soundtracks Download Sections for more great stuff.
* Go to the Series Chat Section to talk about the goings on about various anime.
* Use the Lounge when you are bored and just want to post stuff that has nothing to do with anime.


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