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Post  Admin on Tue Oct 05, 2010 6:37 pm

Plot: After much teenage angst Max decides to impress the girl of his dreams by putting on a concert fashioned after the ones by teen idol Powerline. This is well recieved by all the students in his school, suddenly makes Max unimaginably popular and lands him a date to the end of the year party with the girl he has been dreaming of since the beginning of the movie.
However, the concert is not well recieved by the school principal who deliberately misrepresents it, telling Goofy that his son is part of a gang, has started a riot and is well on the way to the electric chair. A panicked but well meaning Goofy decides to take the summer off from work and save his son from the imagined life of crime, by taking his son on a lengthy cross country father son fishing trip, which is to begin before the date of the party. Hilarious adventures and mishaps ensue which allow the movie to gracefully discuss themes such as parent/child relationships, growing up, decision making, priorities, trust, feelings, friendship and dating.



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