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Title: IS Pure
Alternate Title: アイズ (Aizu)
Genre: love-romance, school life
Category: serie
Number of Episodes: 6
File Format: .divx (280~300 mb)


The story's main character is 16-year-old high school student Ichitaka Seto who is in love with his classmate Iori Yoshizuki, but too shy to tell her. Again and again he plans to tell her his true feelings, but each time something (usually a misunderstanding of some kind) gets in the way. Things become even more complicated when Itsuki Akiba, a girl Ichitaka was friends with in their childhood before she moved to the United States and who had a huge crush on him, returns to Japan.


> Episode 01 <
> Episode 02 <
> Episode 03 <
> Episode 04 <
> Episode 05 <
> Episode 06 <

Bonus OVAs:


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