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Cartoon Central: Devil May Cry

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:08 am

Dante is hired to escort a little girl by the name of patty to recieve her inheritance. Along the way as you guessed it begins the demon bashing and we get to see that Dante is a real badass. What's with the strawberry ice cream? The subs are a little off at times but understandable.

Video Clip - Alright Quality - Japanesse/English Subs - 172MB


Ep.1 - - New Link
Ep.2 - - Mirror(MU) -
Ep.3 -
Ep.4 -
Ep.5 - [devils-liar] - [AonE_-_Conclave]
Ep.6 -
Ep.7 -
Ep.8 -
Ep.9 -
Ep.10 -
Ep.11 -
Ep.12 -


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