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This was a pretty cool series. Each episode was pretty short, under 20 minutes I think, and in total it didn't last longer than maybe 15 episodes. We get to see the origins of Captain America, and his adventures as the leader of the Avengers. Several villains show up here, like the Red Skull, the Enchantress, the Commissar, and a few others. The stories were decent, but the animation was quite horrid. In fact, it hardly even qualifies as animation. It was more like watching still pictures with blinking eyes and moving mouths. However, the second half of the series had slightly better animation, but not by much. There was also a lot of very corny sound effects. It was a little bit distracting when, in the heat of battle, you hear Hanna Barbara type sounds like BONK! BOING! etc.

Overall, not a bad series. However, don't expect much. This is old, and extremely low budget. The voices and stories were good, but everything else was pretty bad. The chances of something this old and cheap ever being officially released seems pretty slim.



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