The Anime & Cartoon Upload Rules

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The Anime & Cartoon Upload Rules

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 05, 2010 2:07 pm

Rule 1: Only Anime & Cartoons are allowed in this section, not programs or anything else.

Rule 2: No Disney live-action movies, or movies that are not related to or are not anime or cartoons, especially movies that are in threatres, even if it is an anime or cartoon. (Ask senior staff or upload moderator if you have any questions)

Rule 3: We encourage you to Upload Cartoon Central content, but we ask when you upload it that you label the link with the [Cartoon Central] tag. This is to help the users easily distinguish what is Cartoon Central content and what is not.

Rule 4
: All uploads must be titled with a tag for the upload host ([MU], [RS], etc.) and the series name in normal casing, without superfluous symbols and text.

Rule 5: All hentai or otherwise potentially offensive material should be placed in our 18+ area, this requires you to join our 18+ group.

Rule 6: Using linkbucks Not Allowed, linkbee Not Allowed, or anything else besides a direct link to the download site is strictly forbidden and will be removed on sight.


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