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Cartoon Central: All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku

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OVA Plot Summary:
A scientist, his son, and an incomplete robot are sneaking away from the scientist’s psychotic wife. Along the way, the son gets out to satisfy an urge of nature, and comes back with a cat that found him. At this point, gunfire erupts around them, and they try to get away.

They succeed, but the cat had been killed by a stray shot. Sometime later, the son is going to school with his "big sister" named Nuku-Nuku. Yes, this is the robot (who now looks like a cute girl) with the brain of that cat. Of course, things don't stay peaceful for long; the boy's mother wants him back! A fast-paced action comedy.

All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Plot Summary:
Sort of an alternate telling of the OVA...with a twist. After starting out in a new school and meeting her rather zany classmates, Nuku Nuku is forced into fighting the dangerous (read as "absurd") robots of the Mishima corporation's inner circle (all in the most ridiculous costumes since Kishin Corps), led by the evil mastermind (read as "blithering-idiot-in-the-goofiest-costume-of-all"), Hell Mishima. Their plans? Why, to take over the world, of course!



All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku:
(B-A)Nuku_Nuku_OAV_-_01_(0F945A83).mkv                        228.92 MB
(B-A)Nuku_Nuku_OAV_-_02_(4BEB0CDF).mkv                        257.81 MB
(B-A)Nuku_Nuku_OAV_-_03_(795345A0).mkv                        209.88 MB
(B-A)Nuku_Nuku_OAV_-_04_(6BB18AB7).mkv                        216.85 MB
(B-A)Nuku_Nuku_OAV_-_05_(139E5C5E).mkv                        238.63 MB
(B-A)Nuku_Nuku_OAV_-_06_(A9E4E9C8).mkv                        240.58 MB
(B-A)Nuku_Nuku_TV_-_01_(746474C0).mkv                          230.21 MB 
(B-A)Nuku_Nuku_TV_-_02_(8042BD41).mkv                          224.24 MB
(B-A)Nuku_Nuku_TV_-_03_(08B0544D).mkv                          213.95 MB
(B-A)Nuku_Nuku_TV_-_04_(73D8AC50).mkv                          195.57 MB
(B-A)Nuku_Nuku_TV_-_05_(E6D5A564).mkv                          204.4 MB
(B-A)Nuku_Nuku_TV_-_06_(184D7750).mkv                          195.1 MB 
(B-A)Nuku_Nuku_TV_-_07_(54BEC8EC).mkv                          244.87 MB
(B-A)Nuku_Nuku_TV_-_08_(22C3C39E).mkv                          220.87 MB 
(B-A)Nuku_Nuku_TV_-_09_(DB1ADA24).mkv                          231.25 MB
(B-A)Nuku_Nuku_TV_-_10_(CB64D3B6).mkv                          216.51 MB
(B-A)Nuku_Nuku_TV_-_11_(633EBCAF).mkv                          193.17 MB 
(B-A)Nuku_Nuku_TV_-_12_(F98E55F3).mkv                          179.73 MB 
(B-A)Nuku_Nuku_TV_-_Special_1_(DBEF6298).mkv                  188.12 MB 
(B-A)Nuku_Nuku_TV_-_Special_2_(261F530C).mkv                  201.04 MB


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