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Download Area - Request Rules and Information

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 05, 2010 2:23 pm

General Rules for Making Downloads Requests (Any Forum)

Exclamation Failure to do any of the following can result in deletion of the request with no warning or explanation Exclamation

Rule #1: Before making ANY request, make sure you first use the Search button and browse the stickies to see if what you are looking for is already available.

Rule #2: All requests Exclamation MUST Exclamation me made in the appropriate Request Sub-section of each forum (Anime, Manga, Soundtracks, or Hentai). Failure to do so will result in immediate deletion of the topic.

Rule #3: All requests Exclamation MUST Exclamation contain the required prefix tags as stated in the rules for each specific download section. See the following:
Download SubSection Rules

* Anime
* Manga
* Soundtracks
* Hentai

Rule #4: The message body should be formatted as follows:

* Include as much detail about the requested file(s) as possible. This can include, but is not necessarily limited to, filetype, filesize, etc...see each Download SubSection Rules for examples.
* Do not include useless information like I really like, I think this is really good, etc....this will not help fill the request and just makes it more difficult for the uploader to read.
* Do not make more than 1 request topic for the requested file. Make sure you post in the request topic if you want it too.
* Do not make more than 2-3 Requests in seperate topics, if you are going to request large amounts, post it in one big request thread and add the tag [Request List] to the front of the subject.

Rule #5: The author of a request must remain active in his/her own respond to any questions regarding the post. This is a pet peeve of Mavrik. So, if you are a one post wonder....don't bother Very Happy.

Rule #6: Do not bump your own request topic more than once every 2-3 days.

Rule #7: Finally, all Cartoon Central Forum Rules as stated also apply.

Not Quite Rules.....But Important Anyway

Missing Posts: If you find that a request of yours is missing, go and do a search for it. It has most likely been moved to the Trash Can for various reasons (being completed, already requested, or something else), but using the search will tell you more than we will Razz. THANK YOU for not making a post in the Request Area asking "Where is my....."

Attn Download Moderators: Please DONT DO A SHADOW MOVE of any threads to the Trash Can. Just completely move any completed (filled) threads. Off topic threads can be not move them to the Trash Can.


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