The Spam Central Rules

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The Spam Central Rules

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 05, 2010 2:25 pm

Rule 1: It's not a competition, do not post just to increase your post count.

Rule 2: Do not create duplicate games, or games which are oversimplified versions of other games. For example, the "three words" create a sentence game can be simplified into a "one word" game which progresses way too fast and basically becomes a post count competition.

Rule 3: If you create a new game, try to ensure it atleast requires some effort to respond. If it's just type a single word/letter/number then it's going to progress very fast and end up being locked.

Rule 4: If a thread grows like a prairie fire (read: too fast) we'll kill it. Probably because it was a super retarded and awful game. If your game wasn't super retarded and awful, chances are it didn't get locked and this doesn't apply to you.

Rule 5: Do not create topic titles with all caps. Try and use proper grammar, thus making threads easily readable.


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