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Cartoon Central: Black Cat

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Chronos, an organization bent on world peace, rules one third of the world's economy. To maintain the balance of the world, Chronos is therefore essential, and there is a need for people to protect Chronos. Thirteen special elite assassins each possess unique orichalcum-forged weapons and are called the Chrono Numbers, assassins who work for Chronos. When the thirteenth Chronos Number (Train Heartnet), also known as the infamous Black Cat, meets a Sweeper (licensed bounty hunter) named Saya Minatsuki, Train's morals and values are changed from those of Chronos's to those of his own. Instead of killing his victims like he is ordered to, he merely uses Hades (his orihilcon gun) to stop them instead. This leads to tension between him and the Chronos Elders, the leaders of Chronos, and eventually culminates in Train's departure from the organization. Creed Diskenth, a Chronos assassin, resents the way that Saya changed Train's life, and murders her. Six months later, Train is an easygoing Sweeper, traveling with his partners Sven Vollfied and Eve, when Creed appears before Train once more. Creed, whom Train believed dead, now holds awesome power, using ancient spells of Tao, something Chronos believed no longer existed after the War 20 years earlier. Creed, now with followers and power that rival anyone alive, including the numbers, vows to get Train to join him. Train must choose his friends and new life, or revenge, as Creed threatens to undermine Chronos and start his own World Revolution.

Code: Black Cat - 24.avi 57.87 MB Black Cat - 23.avi 82.05 MB Black Cat - 22.avi 58.45 MB Black Cat - 21.avi 52.37 MB Black Cat - 20.avi 58.72 MB Black Cat - 19.avi 58.89 MB Black Cat - 18.avi 58.95 MB Black Cat - 17.avi 40.02 MB Black Cat - 16.avi 58.04 MB Black Cat - 15.avi 58.84 MB Black Cat - 14.avi 57.83 MB Black Cat - 13.avi 58.89 MB Black Cat - 12.avi 58.85 MB Black Cat - 11.avi 56.81 MB Black Cat - 10.avi 58.76 MB Black Cat - 09.avi 58.94 MB Black Cat - 08.avi 57.02 MB Black Cat - 07.avi 55.96 MB Black Cat - 06.avi 52.59 MB Black Cat - 05.avi 47.09 MB Black Cat - 04.avi 54.76 MB Black Cat - 03.avi 51.44 MB Black Cat - 02.avi 53.46 MB Black Cat - 01.avi 55.65 MB


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