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Cartoon Central: Blazing Dragons IyiWLAxy

Monty Python alumni Terry Jones created this witty cartoon series, and his talent shows. The writing is clever and filled with all sorts of puns and comic historical references, often with surreal tweaks. In one episode, the minstrel, who appears at the beginning and end of the shows singing a short song about the story, is referred to by one of the Square Table Knights. Another knight responds, "You mean he's real? I thought he was a continuation device created by the writers!"

The second season's animation quality suffered, but the writing talent remained strong.

In the USA, this is currently shown during the overnight hours (12:30 AM Pacific!) on Toon Disney. Why it isn't on Comedy Central goes beyond me. The humor will even keep even the most jaded adult viewers amused. Highly recommended for your friends in the Society for Creative Anachronism.



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