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The Boondocks Sea.1 Eps.01~15 [Eng Dubs] Rated TV-MA HQ

Like The Comic Strip, The Television Version Of The Boondocks Is A Satirical Situation Comedy Revolving Around The Lives Of The Freeman Family. Elementary-School Aged Black Brothers Huey & Riley Freeman Have Been Moved By Their Granddad, Robert Freeman, From Inner City South Side Chicago, Illinois To The Quiet & Almost Completely White Suburb Of Woodcrest, Maryland (Similar To Woodridge, Illinois). Because Of The Long Turnaround Time Required For Each Episode, The Boondocks Show Avoids The Topical Nature Of Its Newspaper Counterpart, & Instead Covers More Long-Standing Issues Involving Race Relations & Politics, Including: The Assimilation Of Black People Into White Culture & The Bias Against Black People That Is Still Evident In It, What Would Have Happened If Martin Luther King, Jr. Had Gone Into A Coma Instead Of Dying (And Finally Awoke In 2000), & The R. Kelly Sex Scandal Controversy.
Expanding Upon The Anime / Manga Influence Present In The Comic Strip, The Show Also Has An Anime Style, As Mcgruder Has Said He's A Huge Fan Of Anime. In The Animated Series, Younger Freeman Brother Riley Was Redesigned With Cornrows, & The Comic Strip Followed Suit With A Month-Long Story Arc Involving Riley Growing Cornrows. Uncle Ruckus, A Self-Hating Black Man Originally Intended To Have Been Introduced To The Strip Before 9/11, Was Introduced Into The Strip In Late 2004 & Is Being Primarily Developed In The Animated Series. The Freemans' Neighbors, The Dubois Family (Tom, Sara & Their Daughter Jazmine), Also Appeared During The Show's First Season; Huey's Best Friend Michael Caesar Is Being Withheld For Later Seasons. The Opening Theme Song Was Recorded By Hip Hop Artist Asheru.
The Boondocks Makes Constant References To Past Events In Its Episodes. The Boondocks Also Shows Continuity With The Comic Strip That Serves As Its Basis. A Running Theme In The Series Is The Concept Of Black Unity; Even Though Huey & Others May Disagree With The Points Of View Of Characters Like Tom Dubois, Uncle Ruckus & Old Stinkmeaner, They Still Feel Obliged To Provide Them With Support & Respect.

Rated TV-MA On Adult Swim, For Graphic Violence (Particularly When It Happens To A Child Character), Some Nudity, Some Sexual Themes, & Strong Language (Particularly The Use Of Racial Slurs & Racist Comments.

Valid: AVI
Size: 253 MB +/~
Duration: 00:19:53 +/~
Movie Complete: Yes
Resolution: 640x360
Codec: XviD MPEG-4 Codec
FPS: 23.98
BitRate: 1633 Kbps
Quality Factor: 0.30 B/Px
Codec: MPEG 1 or 2 Audio Layer 3 (MP3)
Channels: 2
Sample Rate: 48000 Hz
BitRate: 146 Kbps

The Boondocks 1x01 Garden Party [Uncut DVDRip Xvid].avi
The Boondocks 1x02 Trial Of R Kelly [Uncut DVDRip Xvid].avi
The Boondocks 1x03 Guess Hoe's Coming To Dinner [Uncut DVDRip Xvid].avi
The Boondocks 1x04 Granddad's Fight [Uncut DVDRip Xvid].avi
The Boondocks 1x05 Date With The Health Inspector [Uncut DVDRip Xvid].avi
The Boondocks 1x06 The Story Of Gangstalicious [Uncut DVDRip Xvid].avi
The Boondocks 1x07 A Huey Freeman Christmas [Uncut DVDRip Xvid].avi
The Boondocks 1x08 The Real [Uncut DVDRip Xvid].avi
The Boondocks 1x09 Return Of The King [Uncut DVDRip Xvid].avi
The Boondocks 1x10 The Itis [Uncut DVDRip Xvid].avi
The Boondocks 1x11 Let's Nab Oprah [Uncut DVDRip Xvid].avi
The Boondocks 1x12 Riley Wuz Here [Uncut DVDRip Xvid].avi
The Boondocks 1x13 Wingmen [Uncut DVDRip Xvid].avi
The Boondocks 1x14 The Block Is Hot [Uncut DVDRip Xvid].avi
The Boondocks 1x15 The Passion Of Rev Ruckus [Uncut DVDRip Xvid].avi

Here's the new season of The Boondocks. I encoded the 170Mb .Avi episodes into 48Mb .Mkv file using x264 codec. The video looks identical to the original file while saving a lot of space.

I hope you guys say thanks when downloading these. Each episodes takes about 1 hour to encode so it takes time to do this. Enjoy the episodes.


201...Or Die Trying

202.Tom, Sarah and Usher

203.Thank You for Not Snitching

204.Stinkmeaner Strikes Back

205.The Story of Thugnificent

206.Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch



209.Invasion of the Katrinians.mkv

210.Home Alone.mkv

211.The S Word.mkv

212.The Story of Catcher Freeman.mkv

213.The Story of Gangstalicious, Part 2.mkv


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