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Seikai no Monshou - In a distant future, the powerful Abh Empire is actively extending its influence and control to many of the adjacent star systems. The arrival of the genetically modified Abh and their different ways changes the life of a young human named Jinto Lin. As part of his world’s peace agreement with the Abh, his family is promoted into nobility of the Abh Empire, and he has trouble accepting that he is now the heir to his family’s hereditary title. His new importance as an Abh noble gets him sent off world to be schooled in the Abh language and culture, where he happens to first meet and become first-name-friends with a young Abh female trainee pilot. It is only later does Jinto come to understand that his cute friend Lafiel is really a granddaughter of the ruling Abh Empress and a royal heir to the throne. So together, they start a journey to travel to Abh capital, an adventure troubled with many difficulties which helps them realize that their friendship and trust in each other is something stronger than any imperial title or difference in race.

It needs to be mentioned that the opening sequence of the first episode is spoken in the ABH language (not Japanese) and can not be dubbed or subbed.

Drama : Med / High
Action : Low / Med
Comedy : Low
SciFi : High
Ecchi : None
Total Episodes : 13
Language : Japanese
Subtitle : English
Format : RMVB



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